‘Recognition’ for Prepared Piano, Sine Waves, and Macro-Cymatic Instrument


‘Recognition’ for Prepared Piano, Sine Waves, and Macro-Cymatic Instrument (2015)

Composed at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts Residency, November 2015.
Debut live performance at Land & Sea in Oakland, CA December 2015.







There is a connection between the surface of our skin and the water within cells in our bodies, and it is vibrating.  “Recognition” (for prepared piano, sine waves, and Macro-Cymatic Instrument), invites you to immerse in the intricate dance of music and visual motion.   In black in white, the gesture of the light on water turns reminiscent of pen and ink, the animation of our vibrational states by an imaginary hand.

Excerpt (movement 1 of 3) may be viewed as a fixed media piece below:

Recognition (Movement 1) from mvjakobsons on Vimeo.