Thursday 10.28 Electronic Cinema w/Myrmyr + Sue-C

Ok busted, I didn’t get around to posting two shows before they happened.  But, it turned out to be a beautiful evening of sounds + images, so I’ll attempt a recap.   Despite being horribly sick and barely coherent, the myrmyr live score to Sue-C‘s video “Untitled 26” turned out really well!  We were inspired by the video to perform a score more ‘dark’ & more textural than regular myrmyr.  I was really impressed by Kadet Kuhne‘s delicate & thoughtful scores of a Paul Clipson & 2 Maia Cybelle Carpenter films, that really showed off her strength in sound design work.  ATA was packed and the audience had some very thoughtful questions & discussions after each set.  Thanks to VOLUME productions & the Southern Exposure: Alternative Exposure grant program for curating & support!

Listen to an excerpt!! Click Here