Myrmyr’s Unweathered Embers Saturday June 12

“Unweathered Embers” @ St Mark’s Church
Saturday June 12, 7pm (doors 6:30)
1111 Ofarrell Street, SF
Sliding Scale: $15-20
Presented by Project Soundwave’s “Green Sound” Festival

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Unweathered Embers transforms the acoustic sounds of 19 Bay Area vocalists and musicians in unique orchestral & surround-sound arrangements.  The piece is composed especially for the festival’s Green Sound theme to be all-acoustic and use no electricity, while taking advantage of the stellar acoustics of the space. Clusters of performers surround audiences in different areas and nooks, some even hidden from view, creating a reverberant other-worldly sound that will change as the audience members move through the space.  

Composed by Myrmyr:

Marielle Jakobsons (conductor, violin) &
Agnes Szelag (mezzo-soprano, cello, glockenspiel)


Alee Karim (baritone, resonator guitar)
Ben Bracken (tenor, hand bells)
Bob Marsh (baritone, cello)
Caroline Penwarden (mezzo-soprano, accordion, large singing bowls)
Damon Waitkus (tenor, hammer dulcimer)
Eli Wise (tenor, guitar)
Jason Hoopes (baritone, double bass)
Jennifer Harper (alto, toy piano)
Jon Porras (baritone, guitar)
Kate McLoughlin (alto, bassoon)
Lisa McGee (soprano, harmonium)
M. Mara-Ann (alto, kalimba, chimes)
Michael Elrod (tenor, symphonic gong)
Sarah Elena Palmer (mezzo-soprano, guitar)
Shayna Dunkelman (marimba, glockenspiel)
Suki O’Kane (vibraphone, bass drum)
Tom Duff (bass voice, singing bowl)
Vanessa Beggs (soprano, guitar)