ON LAND festival Sept 19

I’m really excited to be playing at the Swedish American Hall next Saturday and to be part of this awesome lineup the Root Strata folks put together. Along with Jim Haynes, William Fowler Collins, Starving Weirdos, Metal Rouge, + others, we’re on EARLY at 2pm… so don’t dawdle!! Check out the full lineup below and at the on land website

If you saw my set at the LAB in July, this set should be relatively similar vibe, but will vary depending on how well the sound system & space likes the low tones…. Cuz the LAB show had a great subwoofer & it really took the lows well!!! Either way, look forward to lots of Eliane Radigue-esque tones and some classic db violin mournings… got a new melody that’s been haunting me. Also new, gonna perform the bass lines live [not with a real bass, with rhodes samples] instead of using prerecorded rhodes. Long lineup, tho, so expect this one to be short & sweet!

ON LAND Festival Sept 19-20