Nature of Music with Other Minds and Brower Center – Live Videos

“From the smallest sound and vibration to our all-encompassing environment, [my work describes] how the exuberance of nature is perceived, embodied, and altered by our presence.ā€

Here is is some wonderful documentation of the evening!  Watch the entire performance and conversation, and view the beautiful program created by the fine folks at Other Minds.  Thank you for a very special evening!


Marielle Jakobsons performance from Other Minds on Vimeo.


Marielle Jakobsons conversation from Other Minds on Vimeo.


Marielle V Jakobsons Program Cover

Click here to download a PDF copy of the program for The Nature of Music 5 ā€“ Marielle V Jakobsons.


I’m presenting a program for Other Mind’s Nature of Music series, co-presented with the David Brower Center in Berkeley. I believe that music and art has a great power to bring us closer to our nature and humanity, and am honored to have the opportunity to share my work in support of environmentalism and non-profit action.
I’ll be screening Recognition (2015) and White Sparks (2016) videos with Meyer surround sound projection. In case you missed the premiere at the Buchla Memorial Concerts this spring, I’ll be performing my latest work The Weight Of The World Holds Us Together (2017) which features modular synthesizer, voice, flute, and macro-cymatic visuals. We can often feel burdened or overwhelmed by the events around us. This piece is about how that feeling as a shared experience brings us closer together and can trigger positive collective action. At the end of the show will be a Q&A so you can come prepared to ask me anything šŸ™‚

Tickets and More Info
Brower Center Berkeley, 7pm