Landscape Verses 1/31/2015

Collaboration with local legendary filmmaker tooth

Also performing….
John Davis with Paul Clipson

At THE LAB, San Francisco

The Lab presents an evening of live music and film projection performances featuring Bay Area artists Beige (Vanessa O’Neill and Kent Long), Marielle Jakobsons, Tooth, John Davis and Paul Clipson. This program presents unique and intense collisions of sound and image in three performances, that chart the dynamic trajectories of “visual music”in its many transcendental forms.

Beige is the collaborative project of filmmakers Kent Long and Vanessa O’Neill, interested in the transformations and dimensions of layered 16mm projection with live sound composed and performed by Long.

Tooth is an artist that works in film, sound, performance and other time-based disciplines. His performance work primarily concerns itself with the phenomenology of trance states and their function within a collision of cultural, political and personal realities.

Paul Clipson is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who often collaborates with sound artists and musicians on films, live performances, and installations. His work has been exhibited and performed both nationally and internationally at such festivals as the New York Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. His Super 8 and 16mm films aim to bring to light subconscious visual preoccupations that reveal themselves while working in a stream of consciousness manner, combining densely layered, in-camera edited studies of figurative and abstract environments, in a process that encourages unplanned-for results, responding to and conversing with the temporal qualities of musical composition and live performance. He recently performed HYPNOSIS DISPLAY, a feature-length sound/16mm film collaboration with Grouper at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York.

John Davis is a visual artist and musician. His current work builds on the transcendental realities of personal poetic filmmaking, while expanding the relationship between moving image and sound through live performance, collaboration, experimentation and improvisation.