StringTV Installation Prototype Pics

stringTV-proto_eqString TV Prototype 2

My new installation opens July 31st at the LAB, San Francisco, and runs through August.  Stop by 6-9pm if you’re in the area!

The string instrument is almost totally finished, and is looking a bit like this. The middle is where the magnets slide along the string, shaping the overtones of feedback.

In the second picture you can see better, how the board is a sort of undulating shape.  It is also a little bit soft, and turns into a superfun “wammy” bar when you lean on the curves…  Not sure if that will stay a feature of the final version or not, but it was a fun side effect nonetheless…

More pics coming as I install it this weekend!

String TV

A long string vibrates in feedback with a television. Movable magnets slide alongside the string, shaping the tones you see & hear.  The string is “self-oscillating” with the aid of a computer, also monitoring the feedback loop. This piece is homage to Scott Arford’s work in celebration of the LAB’s 25th Anniversary. Special thanks to Max Allstadt for fabrication assistance.