Terrane’s ‘Basalt Palisades’ cassette on Sonic Meditations

Terrane is the new duo of Dewey Mahood (Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry and Jackie-o Motherfucker) with Chuck Johnson (of Spatula, Idyll Swords). I had the pleasure of playing flute to the cosmic spacejams of “Radiolarite.”

‘Basalt Palisades’ is released on the micro label curated by Justin Wright of Expo ’70 “Sonic Meditations”, its also available on limited edition cassette.

released 17 February 2015

Dewey Mahood – electric and acoustic guitar, bass, synth, drum machine
Chuck Johnson – electric and acoustic guitar, pedal steel, bass, percussion
Marielle Jakobsons – flute on “Radiolarite”