The End of Light Exhibition

I am excited to announce that two of my photographs will be on exhibition at Madelife Gallery in Boulder, Colorado, from March 6-29th.  “The End of Light” Exhibit was curated by the photographer Kevin Hoth.  Gallery listing info can be found here.  About the exhibit:

“All is visible and all elusive, all is near and can’t be touched.”
–Octavio Paz

 Light passes into darkness and is consumed by it, then born from it again. Everything comes from the limitless expanse we understand to be “without light.”

Where light dies darkness is born, yet darkness is there for light to reignite and extend its reach into space.

Where does light begin? At the end of darkness? Where emptiness releases? We only know light by knowing darkness. What lives at this edge? Silence, purity, knowledge or its opposite entirely?”

If you’re interested in custom framed prints of these works, but can’t make it to Boulder, drop a line!

Above: Specter Skin

Below: Into Being