Macro-Cymatic Studies: Dresher Residency & Premiere Performance @ Somarts 8/22/14

IMG_3733         Its hard to describe the feeling that I get from making this new work.   Its like I’ve been making it my whole life, but only now am realizing the true shape or form. This past month I’ve been building, whittling, and testing at the Paul Dresher Artist Residency (  Its been a deep dive into how to craft instruments specifically for their ability to create macro-cymatic visuals – or water waves driven by sound at a macroscopic perspective.    I am so grateful for the opportunity to utilize the resources at a space also so close to home.  To have a full woodworking shop as well as a production environment to work on video/sound has allowed me to hone in on these explorations and unveil many new layers to what I imagine possible. I’ve built several instruments and tonight, is the premiere performance with my favorite one.  This instrument is carved from a piece of cedar, and has a single string mounted on it.  Above you see a still from my rehearsal last night. Other great performers investigating sound, water, and light will be joining me on the bill!  Joshua Churchill & Matt Baldwin, and Moses Hacmon.  Many thanks to Paul Dresher Ensemble, and to Soundwave who commissioned this performance! Details for the premiere are below.  More Macro Cymatics to follow, I’m sure, as I anticipate this to become a new body of work.

Location: SOMArts, 934 Brannan St, San Francisco
7:30pm doors, 8:00pm performance
$15 general admission
$10 students/seniors
and underemployed

Aquaphonic at SOMarts

Multi-sensory performances of water-sonic phenomena by Marielle V. Jakobsons, Joshua Churchill, and Matt Baldwin with Moses Hacmon

Water and sound generate incredible phenomena. Artists reveal the mystifying aquatic properties through visible sound and vibration. Artist and composer Marielle V. Jakobsons presents ‘Macro Cymatic Studies,’ which encourages immersion in water reflections connected to droning soundscapes with water wave projections, slow melodic violin, and psychoacoustic synthesizers which plays with our sense of scale and explores unifying matter through sound. Joshua Churchill investigates moving subsonic properties water through the feeling of sound, vibrating our bodies and exposing the unique and ubiquitous nature of this natural element. Psychedelic guitarist Matt Baldwin collaborates with artist Moses Hacmon to reveal the mind-altering beauty of sound moving through air in an all-sensory experience of live music and vibration to literally move water.